Thursday, December 4, 2008



Where to begin? Georgia has lost 61,000 jobs in the past year, second only to Michigan. The city is dealing with a massive budget shortage and Mayor Franklin is annoucing the layoffs of over 200 city positions, mostly in public works and recreation. She also said 23 recreation centers would be closing and has cited a second firehouse decommission in the past seven months.

"We are cutting into what we believe is the bone," she said.

Atlanta Peach, a lifestyle/luxury magazine let go its staff and shuttered its doors. Alternative weekly Creative Loafing declared bankruptcy, fired its editor, and is getting baited by rival Sunday Paper over its situation. Cox, the private media company that owns the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, closed its DC bureau.

Peachtree & Pine, the street name for downtown shelter Task Force for the Homeless, had its water shutoff due to non-payment of utilities. The water has been temporarily restored, but $6,000 is due by tomorrow as well as a plan to payoff the $160,000 debt. There seems to be speculation that this is Atlanta's push to finally rid the coveted Midtown/Downtown area of it's homeless. The shelter beds about 700 men.

Local heavyweights Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta, and Turner Broadcasting seem quiet, but no major layoffs that I've heard of. I feel like Wal-Mart and Colt 45 are the only companies who will be smiling through this period.

Seems like a trek through Dante's Inferno, especially with holidays and heating bills on the horizon. I hope anyone who leaves decent shoes behind has good reason. Now is not the time for irrational decisions.